Sunday, November 9, 2008

Monks Fighting...Is this christ- Like? hoping your answer is no....The church in Jerusalem's Old City, one of the most revered sites in Christianity, is home to six different Christian sects who frequently fight over the rights to maintain and worship in different sections of its hallowed halls.

This time, the fight followed an Armenian procession marking the fourth-century discovery of a cross believed to have been used in Jesus's crucifixion.

Greek Orthodox monks had apparently wanted to post a monk inside the Edicule, a structure built on what is believed to be Jesus's tomb, and blocked the procession when the Armenian clergymen refused.

Riot police broke up the fight and arrested a bearded Armenian monk and a Greek Orthodox monk bleeding from a gash on his forehead.

...this story is kind of reminiscent of a something I said a couple blogs down "religion is whack, Christ is Truth" whenever it becomes more about religion and the politics of religion than the love of Jesus Christ there is a problem... I may not understand the implications on every part of this subject but it seems as if they are fighting over a wooden cross that was believe to be the same cross that Jesus was crucified on. I'm pretty sure that the wood has long since degraded an turned to dirt in the past 2000 years, so instead of fighting for wood, lets fight for the truth we have come to know in Christ and what that wooden cross truly stands for...

Are we in agreement?

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