Tuesday, October 28, 2008

101 Scientific Facts From The Bible (click here)

...wow...sounds like Newton wasted a lot of time he should have just read his bible. Information like this and prophecy are some of the core things that show the bible's accuracy and repubility when compared to other ancient book's. God did this to make it completely clear that this is his WORD. It's amazing how the bible has prophecies that have been fufilled yet people still deny its accuracy. The scientific facts that are listed in the comment page show 101 fact that the bible stated before modern science or medicine can catch up with it...yet some still deny the truth...

scroll down for the 101 facts and tell me what you think....

Sunday, October 26, 2008

REligiOn Is wHack, CHRIST IS TRUTH (click here)

see...religion is man trying to bond to God or show himself worthy of Gods presence...if you observe all religion that are not chrisitianity you notice this trend but the GOD of the bible seeks man beacuse of his love ...though we are sinful and turn away he pursues us even sent his son (probably herd this all before but listen..) JESUS CHRIST to die for the sins of the universe and all time...beacuse without the shedding of blood there is no remission of sins..SEE THAT god is seeking to help man, to claim those that are his, to give us a chance....that is why Christ is truth through the ministry and truth of jesus you see the stark difffrence of christianity and othe religions...by the way JESUS did not like the religious either so most of those that are religion bashers agree with the saviour of the world more than they know...dont beleive me, read about the pharisee's in the bible and what he thought of them

see some of yall get my point...Christ came so that we may know him yes many have died for the faith we are here to enjoy but that is beacuse they were GOD FEARING People who KNEW GOD, who fellowshipped with HIM not for religious reasons or to show others they are holy or what not but beacuse they trly loved the lord...look at paul, wasnt he very religious before he took that trip....he was persecuting christians(who died for their faith) in the name of our GOD beacuse of religion not beacuse he truly knew the GOD we serve but when CHRIST revealed himself to him......that is when he changed that is when he had faith...that is when religion was taken away from his mind and regeneration in CHRIST JESUS replaced it..

loRD We NEEd StrenGth (click here)

wow...this is the beginning of another week, its crazy beacuse you were just celebrating the end of the last one but boom 8' sumtin o clock on a sunday afternoon hits you and I'm like "not again"..anyway we should be thankful we are alive and well beacuse others are not able to enjoy these days like us, but it is important to also ask GOD for daily strength and that is just what came to my mind a couple minutes ago so I just had to share it with yall...ive been going thru the past couple weeks as I started school and have been feeling like im strugglin and trying to pull my own weight...no wonder I was grumbling to wake up and go to calss and work..BUT SEE NOW I REMEMBER THE JOY OF THE LORD IS MY STRENGTH...thank you Jesus..may you open the eyes of others. Wow its even more crazy beacus the numbers of times ive heard that verse but now its like I KNOW that verse...pretty fly aint it...?

Saturday, October 18, 2008

CHRIST or cash? what will it be? (click here)

Is money all its prepped up to be to the extent where people say they have to get rich or die trying? There must be plenty people in the world who do not have plenty but live their life with joy and peace. I think money is a big distraction for believers and unbelievers alike beacuse it causes them to completely focus on getting money, spending money, and saving money that they forget GOD. I believe this is why the BIBLE says that "..money is the root to all evil.." not nessecarily that the application and usefullness of it is evil but the effect it has on humans. It's crazy cuz I know ive been a victim of this and hey it happens but we must fight. See wee should'nt be up bright and early for work but the last one in church. I think this may be part of the reason we pay tithes its for us to remember our source and our true provider. Cuz as much as you love your job they dont give you the strength to wake up every day or give you grace to avoid accidents as you drive only GOD does that. Jesus Christ is our true provider he provided us with grace, love, mercy, power, joy, peace, etc. so give respect. Never put anything especially money over GOD!!!

It's crazy cuz I think if all those CEO's read the bible and followed it fervently the economy would not be in such bad shape as it is now. They let greed and corruption overule their sense of moral good for others they just didnt care. The reson a lot of people get murderd, divorce, perform abortions, sell drugs, steal are a result of greed for money. Its crazy it almost sounds obvious...anything GODS word says is true is undeniably true and this is just another example what do you think?

Monday, October 13, 2008

*New* Eroc speechless lyrics (click here)

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Christian Music or Worldly Music? (click here)

So what do you guys think about the enjoyment of music by christians. Should it be soley based on christ or can you mix in your chris brown and soulja boy cd's with the rest of your hillsong collection. Me personally choose to listen to diffrent types of music but the are all soley based on the risen son of GOD. It's not so much that I think every worldy song is bad but it's more that I feel that anything other than Christ is really not worth listening to. So thats my view on the situation if it aint about Christ I tell em to back up ya dig.
Other People believe that it is bad to listen to songs that reflect lifestyles you are no longer willing to engage beacuse you are saved. This is true beacuse even if you say hey I just like the beat but the song is about pimpin and robbing grandmothers why are you listening to it. This helps people more effectivley avoid and percieve the diffrence beetween what music honors GOD and which one does not. Honestly, I feel we should already know what it is and stop fronting like we really dont know whats going on here, get off of the fence. Youre either in this kingdom or not, get with it or die, point blank period! Ok, let me chill cuz everybody got there own situation, its just that wierd when someone claims they listen to love songs to praise the lord instead of using praise songs to praise the lord. You dont bump and grind with Jesus.JUST INCASE YOU AINT KNOW YOU WORSHIP GOD IN SPIRIT AND TRUTH, so stop foolin yourself. This is 2008, CHRIST is coming back, so stop lying to ya self.

anyway man its Pryze aka "'bout my FAtHERS bizzness" im out,
stay young, fly, and faithful

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Religilous Movie "a Blind man leading the Blind" (click here)

"Religulous" Misses Its Own Point

Bill Maher's "Religulous" is exactly the anti-religion rant that it appears to be. He interviews religious people to make them look ridiculous. He takes sensible, caring, mainstream parts of a faith and mixes it indiscriminately with the extremist parts. He evangelizes for his own faith, secular rationalism; then, when challenged, retreats to the claim that "I'm just asking questions." "Religulous" is the film equivalent of Richard Dawkins' or Sam Harris' anti-religious books of the moment.

Maher tells us that his own religious education ended at about 13. His Jewish mother did not attempt to educate her children in her faith, and his Catholic father raised his two children as Catholics until he had a falling out with the church over birth control in young Bill's early adolescence. Maher's strong anti-religious zeal now is a relatively new development, as he was a wishy-washy "recovering Catholic" for decades. Recently, though, he has turned to a faith in rationalism beloved of many adolescent boys, myself included at that age. It is the faith that the vast majority of people on earth on ignorant, superstitious fools, and the world would be a better place if everyone were rational like me.

Yet early in the film Maher makes a different, better point. In a "gotcha" visit to the Trucker's Chapel at a truck stop in North Carolina, Maher admits that his faith is a luxury of the rich. He allows that if, for example, a man in prison said "I've got nothing in here except Jesus," Maher could respect that view. But people who are as favored as Bill Maher -- rich, famous, smart -- have the luxury of rejecting God and religion.

I believe that Bill Maher hit the nail on the head right there, as he sometimes does. He just failed to be as critical of himself as he is of everyone else through the rest of the film.

This post first appeared in The Gruntled Center.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Bible Study #1: Peer Pressure(cuz its like a jungle sometimes)

This bible study is all about peer pressure and how by the grace of god we can efficiently eliminate its influence over our lives. Now I know some of yall think your to cool for peer pressure or that you are to devout to be swayed by it your probably wearing something right now that is the cause of peer pressure. None the less a lot of our heroes in the bible were almost overtaken by peer pressure but beacuse of faith fought through to give us an example to live by. For example look at our homie Job this guy suffered everything I can imagine would take ones faith away he lost wealth, house, possesions, family, health, and friends yet he still pushed on. see theres something that my pastor always says "whose report are you going to believe? Gods or the devils?" Thats exactly what it all boils down to in the end, no matter what the world says just know that god says you are healed, filled, and will prosper. See thats exactly what Job did even though his boys froom his area told him to curse god and that god has left him, he remembered GOD's report and strived until the end until his trial he was going through was over he will surely be blessed.
So as some of youth complain about the neverending battle to resist the peer pressure to do drugs(which will kill you), violence(which will kill you), premarital sex, dating(for some of us), and all the obvious things a believer should not be doing think of our homie Job.

anyway click on link to check out the bible study full with bible verses and so on

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Are You Young, Fly, n Faithful or Young, dry, and faithless?(click here to represent)

I ask that to say this: It is very important that our lives represent Christ in every which way we live. See the bible even say we are ambassadors of christ so live like it. Sometimes it may be hard I know but you got to press through to give honor to the will of GOD in your lives. See we've all got to get off of this fence that some of us use as a saftey vest were you partially accept the will of god in your life and fully accept the will of the world in your life. Honestly you can do what you wanna do but I think thats foolish if you want to be with everyone doing what you know is wrong then thats what you should do. Balancing GOD and evil behaviors, actions, and sin just sounds stupid and in the end you will still find your self down under if you know what I mean. So cleve to Christ if you really want to accept his grace in your life seriously, He will do what He says he will do trust me I've been there. And trust I had to let go of my whole past life and by gods grace he made it an easier transition than I thought it will be and the same it will be for you in JESUS name. Cuz its important to represent in our YOUTH and Teenage years when people will see what we could be doin(sex,drugs,partying) and what we are doing(praiseworship, praying, excellence in education, marriage) they will give glory to our god from what they are seeing.

anyway God bless talk to yall later

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Get Involved

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god first , family, and keep pushin

Wats Good yall

hey dis is pryze,
this blog is fairly new so bear with me id just appreciate yall levin some comments or questions for us to get at or discuss. at the end of the day this site is for you a place for yall to chill and express your selves in this modern enviroment.

This site is purely for representing the faith and the truth that many of us have come to know and except. We may not be preachers but we know a thing or two. We may not be decked out in suits 24/7 like our older counterparts but you can find us giving praise to THE SAVIOR in Timberland's, hollister, and fitted caps. So dont be skerred conversate and share with other true descendents of grace.