Sunday, November 9, 2008


Living the christian life as a young man or woman can be very challenging especially in this time we find ouselves. But i am encouraging yall to stay on track with the gospel that we know. let your light shine or should I say let your life shine so that peopleill know that there is a God in heaven. We are truly called to be Ambassadors for Christ and that is a call for all of us to answer...we may not all be able to travel to Europe, Asia, or Africa....but what we do in our own countries can go a far way. Im pretty sure that all of you can admit that the places you come from have their own problems we should be active in prayer for them and help those who need to Know about Christ(everybody). So there is no excuses honestly I myself am a victim to this but we must step up. There are many people that God has placed in our lives that we are meant to extend that love to yet we fall short. So this post is just a reminder of our duties as steward's of the LORD JESUS CHRIST...



  1. this is so true we cant be a christian only in church but 24/7 and we must evangelize to expand the kingdom!!

  2. o wow lol bein a good "steward" u listened very well imn sunday school lol ;p

  3. It is true. We should go to church more offen and become ambasodors of peace. We can do that only by preaing to God. Ceck for lyrics and songs about God

  4. really nice...we have a site similar to this, i would refer those there to ur blog and in case anyone is interested
    it is always nice to find christians everywhere.Its always an opportunity to share with and encourage each other
    keep repping Christ!!! God bless!!!

  5. sorry its