Sunday, October 26, 2008

loRD We NEEd StrenGth (click here)

wow...this is the beginning of another week, its crazy beacuse you were just celebrating the end of the last one but boom 8' sumtin o clock on a sunday afternoon hits you and I'm like "not again"..anyway we should be thankful we are alive and well beacuse others are not able to enjoy these days like us, but it is important to also ask GOD for daily strength and that is just what came to my mind a couple minutes ago so I just had to share it with yall...ive been going thru the past couple weeks as I started school and have been feeling like im strugglin and trying to pull my own wonder I was grumbling to wake up and go to calss and work..BUT SEE NOW I REMEMBER THE JOY OF THE LORD IS MY STRENGTH...thank you Jesus..may you open the eyes of others. Wow its even more crazy beacus the numbers of times ive heard that verse but now its like I KNOW that verse...pretty fly aint it...?

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