Thursday, October 9, 2008

Are You Young, Fly, n Faithful or Young, dry, and faithless?(click here to represent)

I ask that to say this: It is very important that our lives represent Christ in every which way we live. See the bible even say we are ambassadors of christ so live like it. Sometimes it may be hard I know but you got to press through to give honor to the will of GOD in your lives. See we've all got to get off of this fence that some of us use as a saftey vest were you partially accept the will of god in your life and fully accept the will of the world in your life. Honestly you can do what you wanna do but I think thats foolish if you want to be with everyone doing what you know is wrong then thats what you should do. Balancing GOD and evil behaviors, actions, and sin just sounds stupid and in the end you will still find your self down under if you know what I mean. So cleve to Christ if you really want to accept his grace in your life seriously, He will do what He says he will do trust me I've been there. And trust I had to let go of my whole past life and by gods grace he made it an easier transition than I thought it will be and the same it will be for you in JESUS name. Cuz its important to represent in our YOUTH and Teenage years when people will see what we could be doin(sex,drugs,partying) and what we are doing(praiseworship, praying, excellence in education, marriage) they will give glory to our god from what they are seeing.

anyway God bless talk to yall later


  1. U alredy now dis is miss naijagirl I luv da concept of dis page nd of course im yung fly n faithful

    Prase god

  2. Prayze the livin jesus
    I rep him all day evry day

  3. yo dis website is Hip. yall already kno who dis is.

  4. kevvy has been young, fly and faithful since 2001 and still run my race with joy