Saturday, October 18, 2008

CHRIST or cash? what will it be? (click here)

Is money all its prepped up to be to the extent where people say they have to get rich or die trying? There must be plenty people in the world who do not have plenty but live their life with joy and peace. I think money is a big distraction for believers and unbelievers alike beacuse it causes them to completely focus on getting money, spending money, and saving money that they forget GOD. I believe this is why the BIBLE says that " is the root to all evil.." not nessecarily that the application and usefullness of it is evil but the effect it has on humans. It's crazy cuz I know ive been a victim of this and hey it happens but we must fight. See wee should'nt be up bright and early for work but the last one in church. I think this may be part of the reason we pay tithes its for us to remember our source and our true provider. Cuz as much as you love your job they dont give you the strength to wake up every day or give you grace to avoid accidents as you drive only GOD does that. Jesus Christ is our true provider he provided us with grace, love, mercy, power, joy, peace, etc. so give respect. Never put anything especially money over GOD!!!

It's crazy cuz I think if all those CEO's read the bible and followed it fervently the economy would not be in such bad shape as it is now. They let greed and corruption overule their sense of moral good for others they just didnt care. The reson a lot of people get murderd, divorce, perform abortions, sell drugs, steal are a result of greed for money. Its crazy it almost sounds obvious...anything GODS word says is true is undeniably true and this is just another example what do you think?


  1. yeah, i do think that money is prepped up to be to the extent where people say they have to get rich or die trying. It is because of money that people get shot for. most times the conflicts that arises between people and also leading to having a grudge is due to money.

  2. well said....its just sad that people dont get to discover what we have recieved by they live for the creation and not the creator

  3. so so true. We are told in the Bible to store up riches for ourselves in heavenly places, not here on earth. What's happening now with the world financial crisis just goes to show that we reap what we sow, Lord humble us we haven't been sowing in the right places. The LOVE of money is the root of all kinds of evil. Peace

  4. It is so true how people today just believe that money can make them happy. For me God makes me happy, reading His word makes me happy, praying to him , being aournd my Christian friends make me happy! Just Zowona said "The LOVE of money is the root of all kinds of evil." That is true just a few days ago my friend said that money was better then God and I flat out old her she was wrong the only way for happines is God.

  5. aaaammmmeeenn, well sed my sister in christ

  6. yo dont get me wrong i love Jesus ummm...but im getting the impresion that wanting to be rich is wrong. Is that correct or am I just misinterpretng the message?

  7. missunnyd217,

    wanting to be rich is besides the point, along with any other desires we may have. We know all things work for good according to those who love God & are called according to His purpose. So if you love God, the Bible says you will obey His commands.
    It also tells us we cannot serve both money & God.
    We are told to seek His kingdom & His righteousness first & then all these other things will be added unto us, according to God's perfect will for our lives. If in God's purpose for you He sees it fit to make u materially rich to advance His kingdom, it will be so, but we need not be concerned with it, only with obeying Him 1st & foremost.
    Hope that makes sense
    Peace :-)

  8. I love debates and I got a link to this blog from a mccain supporter so I'm gonna assume the worst though your poll says different, I seem to glean from others who have made the money argument that That is why Obama is the wrong vote. I'm here to say that that is why you should not vote McCain. You see Obama is not pushing for socio-economic reform so we can all get rich, he is pushing his platform because he believes that this will help the Poverty level in our country decrease, and two things in the Bible that support me here are Charity, and whenever the Israelite nation did wrong by God, he punished them, not to be Evil, but to be just and fair, During the last eight years what has happened, we have been tricked by a pseudo-religious President who promised the Christians to ban abortion and gay marriage. Well, not to fear, Proverbs 28 verse 10 says "He who leads the upright along an evil path will fall into his own trap." Our President has gotten at least a taste of his just desserts, with all the political satirists and talk show hosts around the nation and the world, the name George Bush has been suffice to say, Ridiculed, Abhorred, and generally dragged through the mud, by various peoples as well as ourselves. But fear not for "the blameless will recieve a good inheritance." I could say WAY more, but I seem to have said enough as it is. If you should choose to do more research on your behalf that is purely up to you, but a lot of Proverbs 28 seems to condemn Bush and McCain.
    But in this Free Society of ours, I'll leave it to you to be the judge, If you have any questions or comments feel free to contact me on my myspace, listed as my URL.
    thank you for your time, and may God bless you.

  9. wow....dont really see how this topic turned political but I thanx for your comment. I see you are very thoughtful on today's issues and I thank GoD for your views. Your point was made very well.

  10. thanks zowona,

    ...this is cool. I did not really think I would learn something like this today. I think its like my mom always used to say "let GOD be GOD" The race for Eternal Life is first before all others...

  11. is also important to remember that the bible says you dont work you dont eat... Im putting it in modern word but its the same point. We should all advance so that the we will be such a blessing to others that unbelievers will give thanks to our GOD in heaven. So remember to be ambassadors for christ and strive in all that GOD does put in our hands.

  12. Thanks, Pryze for the reminder of who our God should be.
    Appreciate you visiting my blog and leaving a comment, too.

  13. I agree money can be a distraction and become the primary focus of some people. Money can be abused by people with evil intentions.

    However, speaking from experience, I also know that it is God's intentions to teach people life lessons. My wife and I were focused on money and spending in that I have been blessed with a very good paying job. But because we were spending too much, we lost everything. We felt that we were never getting a break to get back on track, always going backwards.
    We turned to God and pray that we can feed and shelter our family. Our prayers have been answered slowly to continue and teach our lessons. We know now not to worry because our faith in God to pull us through the emergencies and lead us into his own way of prosperity.
    I believe that God wants us to be prosperous by showing our faith in him and expressing his glory.

  14. wow...God is Good...remember "the just shall live by faith..." and that only faith can please the father....GraCE AND PEACE

  15. A Great Post Pryze keep up the good work in Jesus Mighty Name Amen