Monday, October 13, 2008

*New* Eroc speechless lyrics (click here)

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  1. Oh Lord You Got Me Feeling The Right Way
    Your L-O-V-E It Got Me Completely Out of Words To Say
    Its true and I Want The Whole World To Know
    If You're Feelin What Im Saying, Turn Up Your Radio
    If It Wasn't For Your Love, I would Go Insane
    What You Mean To Me, I cannot explain
    I Am Lost For Words, I dont Know What To Say
    Thats Why You Got Me Singing
    Do-Re-Mi-Fa-So-La-Ti-Do ( You got Me lost for Words, I dont know What to Say)
    Do-Ti-La-So-Fa-Mi-Re-Do ( You Got Me Lost For Words, Your Love I cant Explain) (2x)

    You Got Me Speechless Like oo-oo-oo-la-la-la
    I dont know what to say like goo-goo-goo-ga-ga-ga
    You got me lost for words, I cant speak like I am shy
    but in my heart is where you reside, so you know how im feeling deep down inside
    Im in Love with you, I dont need nobody else but you
    The thought of you leave me in Awe Of You
    Why You Think I Made This Song For You? Cuz Its True
    You're the truth, Jesus Christ
    I need some Jesus In mY life
    Anybody know what im talkin bout'?
    The Type Of Love That Make You Wanna Shout
    His Love Is Sweet His Love Is mmmm good its mmm Good
    I guarantee You'll Like it You would You would
    And thats the best Way I can explain it
    I dont know any other way to say it
    Im in love and I cant contain it
    If that sounds crazy, then Im insane
    Cus I love God, He loves me
    The trinity live in me thats Me Plus 3
    And Thats The Way That Its Gonna Be
    Forever and Ever Endlessly

  2. i LLLLLLLLLLLLLuv this song it is da bomb!!!!!
    L.O.V.E dis song!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. diS SONG iS killA

  4. sOnq's bOmb;; :)
    it make's me typee excited in sOme awkwarddd wayyy;;
    but dhis sOnq had me speechless :)

  5. catchy but keepo your love about jesus to yo0 self, ya feel me?

  6. This is some wacky fucking shit

  7. screw you all who are saying rude things about eROC and his love and faith for Jesus Christ, i feel the same way as him, go to church

  8. stfu h8r's go to hell

  9. This Songs Shit Styll

  10. If it wasnt for god there wouldnt be no life on this earth. including yours. show some respect to god for making you.
    This song is sick!!
    I love it!!
    Good Shit eROC!!!
    Keep makin music like this.!!
    thats what our young ppl NEED!!!!!!

  11. ok hold on a moment....... the people who are saying that there in church and everything and that this song is "dope"......whats wrong with you......if your in church you dont cus and if you are cussing on this page.....get real....this is a christian song....

  12. this song is great i relate to it alot iv been through a lot n the love of christ had saved me

  13. wow cool song all u haters, if u dnt have a gud thing 2 say, dnt say anything @ all plz n thnx cuz we dnt wana hear ur foolish thoughtz

    -da girl u want

  14. this song is so power ful nd ppl who want to cus then say they go to church i dont go to church cuz mi father is muslem but i am christian and i dont cuse so before you want to say stuff about this song listen to the message ight

  15. wow itz alot of cursing on here 4 sum church folk....we suposse 2 b da light of da world not mixing light & dark 2 make grey....we need a change 4 real...dis iz from a person who is only 14 yrs old......plz get it rite